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Annex III – Part-ORO . Consolidated version including Issue 2, Amendment 61. February 2016. 1 For the date of entry into force of this amendment, refer to Decision 2016/004/R in the Official Publication of the Agency.

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ORO.FC.145(c): Flight crew training and checking programmes including syllabi. 30 Oct 2016 105 Operations Specifications and Privileges of an AOC Holder . . . . .

Not Approved ORO.MLR.105(j) Outside the constraints of the MEL but within the constraints of the MMEL. Not Approved SPA.NVIS.100(a) Helicopter operations with night vision imaging systems under VFR at night. CHC Helikopter Service - Søknad om utvidelse av MEL intervall utover RIE per EASA OPS 965/2012 ORO.MLR.105 (MEL) punkt 34-32 Euronav 7 i LN-OMH 2018-09-24 CHC Helikopter Service AS

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• Paragraph 3 – Clarified EASA’s role in FSEP. • Added provision in Paragraph 4.2 – SIS team member training requirements. • Added provision in Paragraph 4.4 – Use of risk management process to … EASA OPS Package Category: Promo Packages. Special package consisting of 3 training courses.

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REQUIREMENTS. SECTION Motor- ORO.MLR.101. The operator shall establish an operations manual. The main  PART OPS Requirements, EASA IR Reference, Manual Reference, N/A, U, UD, Remarks MLR.100. AMC1-4 ORO.MLR.100. GM1 ORO.MLR.100. GM1 ORO. FC.105;.

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AMC3.ORO.MLR.100. Amended. GM1 ORO.OPS.MLR 105(f). 20 Apr 2018 Airbus Helicopters EC135 | Part A. ORO.MLR.105(b): Minimum Equipment List. Piper PA31.

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EASA Air Ops vs EU-OPS IR : Amended of 1.175 Edited in line with drafting principles and adapted to new rule structure IR : Amended of 1.175 IEM covered by an IR which refers globally to the responsibility related to the management system. ANNEX ‘ANNEX III 1.

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Air Operations 965/2012 Organisations Requirements for Air

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2020-11-16. Minimum Equipment List (MEL). MEL Type: SB20. 5 May 2017 MLR.100. Changed. 2/11. EASA EDD 2017/007/R.